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Homeopathic Potion Request Form

To request the free Homeopathic Potion Pack we send out, please fill out the form below.

If you do not receive the potion pack within a couple of days, please do not come back and fill in another request form and or email or leave a message on our recorded number for the pack, as often it means we will send several packs to the same address.

Please ensure all details are included on the form. Please do not just give a house number plus postcode as this means we have to then spend more time looking up the street address. The pack we send out is a homeopathic remedy we have been sending out free of charge for over 30 years and we get continued reports of how effective this potion is. If you do not believe in homeopathic potions, please do not request the pack and or send us a message informing us as to why we shouldn’t be sending this out.


You are of course entitled to your opinion, but please remember, so are we.


Please also note we will not use your details in any sales, marketing etc but we do use postcodes for plotting mange occurrence around the UK.

Finally can we ask that no correspondence is sent to HSBC ie empty bottles, donations, letters etc. Thank you

Request for the Homeopathic potion

Thank you for requesting

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Fox Watching Book

Fox Watching: In the shadow of the fox by Martin Hemmington Foreword by Professor Stephen Harris (Second Edition)


Pudding the fox makes the front cover!


The author has much useful information on how to find, attract and watch foxes, as well as how to photograph them and how using wildlife cameras you can gain an insight into what is happening with the foxes when you are not able to observe them. How to become an amateur biologist, keeping records of the annual diet of your foxes, how to age a fox casualty and how to make casts of their footprints.


Martin Hemmington has been studying foxes for over 10 years when he wrote this book, during this which time his admiration for the fox grew so much that he formed the National Fox Welfare Society to which he has devoted himself full time for over 25 years. New 2nd Edition is available now at just £11.99 includes postage


Red Fox with a white printed T-Shirt Three designs to choose from


This gorgeous red fox would look great in the house or even the car and would make a unique gift idea for the fox fan in your family or circle of friends. Requires no upkeep apart from plenty of cuddles.


printed using a technique called Sublimation. Dye Sublimation printing is a process whereby full colour images, text and other graphics can be transferred onto a receptive item. The process relies on a specialised ‘dye sublimation’ ink, which when heated changes from being a solid dye to being a gas, without passing through a liquid stage. Taking this a step further, if this gas encounters polymer fibres as it moves, it will penetrate those fibres, permanently dyeing them. The effect is rather like that of tattooing. The surface of the substrate is smooth and the transfer print cannot be felt (unlike with a screen print), instead becoming part of the surface. This provides a totally durable result that will not fade or crack.


Product Description

Plush cuddly Fox toy supplied with an t-shirt to personalise. Personalised by printing onto the t-shirt.

(Not suitable for children under 3 years)

Sitting dimensions: 18.5cm Stretched dimensions: 26.5cm

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