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25thMarch 2021

I've been seeing what animals come and go, or just pass through my garden since 9th May 2020. Got so many fab photos and videos.

I have seen so many foxes since then, but the last few months only one or two. Ive put drops of the potion on small dog food kibble but what worked well for one fox was the drops put on tiny slices of bread spread with low fat peanut butter. It seemed to make a difference to his fur as it started to look like it was growing back (he had no fur on his lower back and hind legs). Not seen him since 25thFeb though 😔

The female below will not touch the peanut butter but as bad as she looks (below) she has survived all through the cold winter, rain, snow, cold and wind...she eats mealworms that the birds have left so have put some drops on some of those tonight. She normally only comes out at night, only ever seen her in the daytime about 3 times.

The second picture was a nice surprise today, it looks quite young. First time I've seen this one.

Just thought I'd share these photos, hope the female starts to look better soon 🤞



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